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  • Be Willing To Be A Beginner Every Single Morning.
  • Your Journey Will Be Much Lighter And Easier If You Don’T Carry Your Past With You
  • A New Day Also Means A New Beginning. Forget About The Past And Have A Fresh Start.
  • Realize Deeply That The Present Moment Is All You Ever Have So Make The Most Of Today.
  • Every Morning, I Wake Up Saying, I’M Still Alive, A Miracle. And So I Keep On Pushing.
  • If You Think Big, You Get Big…Because You Create Your Life With Every Thought You Think. 
  •  No Matter What, Let No One And No Situation Take That Away From You. Choose To Be Happy.
  • It Is Well To Be Up Before Daybreak, For Such Habits Contribute To Health, Wealth, And Wisdom.
  • I Used To Love Night Best But The Older I Get The More Treasures And Hope And Joy I Find In Mornings.
  • Every Day I Feel Is A Blessing From God. And I Consider It A New Beginning. Yeah, Everything Is Beautiful
  • Every Morning You Have Two Choices- Continue To Sleep With Dreams Or Wake Up And Chase Your Dreams. The Choice Is Yours!
  • Hey, Good Morning! Rise And Shine! As You Open Your Eyes To Greet The Morning Sun, I Wish That You Would Be Well And Fine
  • Every Morning I Get Up And Look Through The Forbes List Of The Richest People In America. If I’M Not There, I Go To Work.
  • Every One Of Us Faces Extreme Challenges In Life. How You Handle Them Defines Who You Become, So Stay Focused On Your Goals.
  • When You Arise In The Morning, Think Of What A Precious Privilege It Is To Be Alive – To Breathe, To Think, To Enjoy, To Love.
  •  Everything In Your Life Is Dictated By You. Be Who You Want To Be. Think Positive Thoughts And Great Things Will Happen To You.
  •  Everything In Your Life Is Dictated By You. Be Who You Want To Be. Think Positive Thoughts And Great Things Will Happen To You.
  • Morning Is An Important Time Of Day, Because How You Spend Your Morning Can Often Tell You What Kind Of Day You Are Going To Have.
  • Even The Smallest Of Thoughts Have The Potential To Become The Biggest Of Successes… All You Have To Do Is Get Up And Get Going. Good Morning
  • Each Day Is A Little Life: Every Waking And Rising A Little Birth, Every Fresh Morning A Little Youth, Every Going To Rest And Sleep A Little Death.
  • Millions Of Trees In The World Are Accidentally Planted By Squirrels – Who Bury Nuts, Then Forget Where They Hid Them. Do Good And Forget. It’Ll Grow Some Day.

Post by edwardmcduffe001 (2018-03-28 09:19)

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